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Barbie For The Win!

Peek into the everyday life of Barbie in this hilarious and heartwarming new animated series. You can join her as she embarks on exciting adventures with her family and friends-including Ken! From fun road trips to sister shenanigans, Barbie discovers that with a little bit of help and a whole lot of laughter you can be anything.

Includes 26 Episodes:

  • Magical Mermaid Mystery, Part 1
  • Magical Mermaid Mystery, Part 2
  • Magical Mermaid Mystery, Part 3
  • Magical Mermaid Mystery, Part 4
  • Sister Class Act
  • Basket Case
  • Barbie's Dance Dilemma
  • Working Mom
  • Something Borrowed
  • The in Crowd
  • Family of the Year
  • The Sportathon Pt 1
  • The Sportathon Pt 2
  • Spirit Week
  • Barbie, Brownies and Bears, Oh My!
  • Dude Fight
  • Family Fun and Games
  • The Copy Cat
  • Three Ring Dreamhouse
  • The Curse of the Miner's Ghost
  • Barbie's Day Off
  • Chicken Masked Mystery on Ice
  • Close-Knit Friendship
  • Nothing to Fear
  • It Snows in Malibu
  • Dreamhouse Holidays
Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts - Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Go Team Roberts
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BARBIE: BIG CITY DREAMS (2021) Barbie heads to New York for a Performing Arts summer program, where she meets another Barbie Roberts. Though the two quickly become friends, their bond is tested by the Spotlight Solo competition in Times Square. Barbie heads to New York for a summer program, where she meets another Barbie Roberts and competes in the Spotlight Solo competition. ANIMATION, FAMILY, MUSICAL - NR - 60 minutes - Mattel Televison
Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams - Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams
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Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia

ON SALE $9.99 DVD: $6.13 Buy

Barbie Dreamtopia

Format: DVD Rated: TVY Release Date: 1/18/2022


GENRE: Family, Animation

THEME: Barbie, Mattel

RELEASE DATE: 1/18/2022


RUN TIME: 44 minutes



Barbie Dreamtopia - Barbie Dreamtopia
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Barbie as Rapunzel

ON SALE $9.99 DVD: $6.13 Buy

Go back in time to a place of magic and dragons, where Barbie stars as Rapunzel. Rapunzel had the most beautiful, radiant hair the world had ever seen. But Rapunzel's life was far from wonderful. She lived as a servant of Gothel, a jealous, scheming witch who kept her hidden deep in a forbidding forest, guarded by the enormous dragon Hugo and surrounded by an enchanted glass wall. However, in a twist of fate, Rapunzel's discovery of a magic paintbrush leads her on a journey that will unravel a web of deception, bring peace to two feuding kingdoms, and ultimately lead her to love with the handsome Prince Stefan. She succeeds with the help of Penelope, the least intimidating of dragons! Starring Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston as Gothel and Cree Summer as Penelope. The movie features a song performed by Samantha Mumba and music by the London Symphony Orchestra. Barbie as Rapunzel shows that love and imagination can change the world
Barbie - Barbie as Rapunzel
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Barbie of Swan Lake

ON SALE $9.99 DVD: $6.13 Buy

Barbie magically comes to life in her third animated movie, Barbie of Swan Lake. Based on the brilliant music of Tchaikovsky and the beloved fairy tale, the movie stars Barbie as Odette, the young baker's daughter who follows a unicorn into an Enchanted Forest. While there, she is transformed into a swan by Rothbart, an evil wizard intent on defeating the Fairy Queen and taking over the Forest. The Fairy Queen is able to counter Rothbart's spell so that Odette retains her human form by night but mystically transforms into a swan by day. Odette learns that, even though she feels she is the wrong person for the task, it is her destiny to save the Enchanted Forest from Rothbart. But how can a young girl - armed with only her courage, honesty and intelligence - accomplish this, all while the handsome Prince Daniel is falling in love with her? Barbie of Swan Lake combines fantasy, ballet and Tchaikovsky's unforgettable music as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief of the New York City Ballet, choreographs the wondrous dance scenes of this spectacular ballet in a way never experienced before. Barbie of Swan Lake shows that each of us is braver than we think.
Barbie - Barbie of Swan Lake
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In her first animated musical, featuring seven original songs, Barbie comes to life in this modern retelling of a classic tale of mistaken identity and the power of friendship. Based on the story by Mark Twain, Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper features Barbie in an exciting dual role as a princess and a poor village girl-two girls who look amazingly alike! The girls' paths are fated to cross when Princess Anneliese is captured and Erika, her look-alike, must try to save her. Can Erika pretend to be the Princess and foil her captor, the evil Preminger? And what of the handsome King Dominick, who falls in love with Erika, mistaking her for Anneliese? In this magical musical performance, two beautiful, adventurous girls dare to follow their dreams and discover that destiny is written in a very special place: your heart!
Barbie - Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
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Get ready to power up! When Barbie magically gets pulled into her favorite video game, she is excited to see she's transformed into a fun roller-skating character. In the game, she meets Cutie, the lovable cloud-shaped friend, and Bella, the roller-skating princess. Together, they soon discover a mischievous emoji is trying to take control of the game. As they travel from level to level, Barbie must rely on her amazing gaming skills and out-of-the-box thinking to save her team and beat the game!
Barbie: Video Game Hero - Barbie: Video Game Hero
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